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Frequently Asked Questions

photo by boetter

How Does It Work?

The short version:
Sign up, download course materials, and start learning photography! It’s quite simple.

The longer version:
When you join us you will be directed to a download page where you can start downloading our digital course material. All instructions for completing the course are contained within the main student workspace. You can then start reading the lessons. At the end of each lesson there is an “assignment” that you can shoot. You can the submit the assignment and have it critiqued! Each lesson (14 in total) has this same process. The lesson get progressively more challenging as your skills improve.

How Much Are Tuition Fees?
Visit the tuition fees page to check the latest prices.

How Long Does It Take?
There are no deadlines! The Icon Photography school is entirely self paced. Some students take as little as a couple weeks. Others take much more time due to their busy schedules. Many of our students are busy mothers who have their hands full! Other students are quite young and do the course very quickly because they have more free time. Whatever the case, there are no deadlines, like virtually all other schools. Why, well because deadlines suck! Let’s have fun and learn without worrying about artificial schedules!

What Previous Experience Do I Need?
There are no educational requirements. All you need is to be ready to have fun and to learn how to take great pictures.

I Live Outside The USA/Canada Can I Still Join?
Absolutely! You can join us from anywhere in the world. We have had students join from over 30 countries.

What Kind Of Camera Do I Need?
All you need is a camera (digital is best but you can use film as well), a computer, and an internet connection! Pretty simple! The course is designed so that you can master any camera and take great pictures with whatever tools you have in the future. Unlike other schools we do not teach you how to use one specific camera because those skills won’t apply to your next camera. You will learn how to take great photographs and that skill will last a lifetime.

When Is The Next Start Date?
There are no start dates at The Icon Photography School. When you join you can start as soon as your student account is created.

Does It Matter What Language I speak?
Our approach also makes learning accessible to people from around the world. You’ll still be given one on one opportunities with a teacher and be asked to read lectures, complete assignments, take quizzes and be critiqued, but you’re doing so for your own personal betterment as a photographer and not simply for a degree and for a very small fraction of the price you would normally pay.

How Can I contact The Icon Photography School?
The best way is to send an email to

Where Do I Join? This Sounds Awesome!
Go ahead and join here when you’re ready!

Become A Better Photographer Today!